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[ecko_quote source="Matthew 5:24"] Leave your gift there in front of the altar, first go and be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift [/ecko_quote]


It is useless to give offerings to God even in the form of singing, praising & worshiping if you are still at enmity with your brother/sister. Jesus said that His followers should be reconciled with anyone who is against them. The world seeks reconciliation on limited terms. Christians are to be reconciled, whatever it takes.

You might say, “But you don’t know how deeply he/she hurt me! It is unreasonable to ask me to restore our relationship.” Or, “I tried, but they do not seem to be pacified” Jesus did not include any exception as a clause for our reconciliation. If the person is an enemy, Jesus asked us to love him, if he persecutes you, you are to pray for him. If he/she publicly humiliates you, you are not to retaliate (Matt 5:39), if someone takes advantage of you, you are to give even more than he asks (Matt 5:41-44)

The world preaches us to “proclaim yourself” but Jesus taught us to, “Deny yourself”. The world warns that you will constantly be exploited. Jesus’ concern for His disciples was not that they should be treated fairly but was that they show unconditional love to others regardless of how they would be treated. Men spat on Jesus and nailed Him to a cross. His response was our model: “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing’ (Luke 23:34).

If there is ever a command that is constantly disobeyed, it is this mandate to be reconciled. We comfort ourselves with the thought, “God knows that I tried to make things right, but my enemy refused.” God’s word does not say “try to be reconciled” but “Be reconciled.”

Sin breaks our relationship with God; it also severs our relationships with others. Broken relationships are the epidemic of our day. Sin alienates family members, separates friends, divides churches, and destroy marriages. Sin creates mistrust, jealousy, hatred, and greed, all of which devastate relationships.  Christ is the oOnly remedy for this disastrous effect of sin on human relationships. As Christ's ambassadors, we are to take the message of reconciliation. How tragic is it when God’s messengers of peace harbour enmity toward each other. It is a travesty to carry a message of love and yet be filled with hatred. If there is someone whom you refuse to forgive, your message of reconciliation is hypocrisy. The evidence that you are a disciple of Jesus is that you love your fellow Christian (John 13:35).

Often we are less patient with our fellow Christians than we are with nonbelievers. We expect more from Christians, and we feel betrayed when they fail us. When this happens, we need to look closely at the cross and remember the forgiveness we received there. We must set aside the self-centered nature that leads to impatience and criticism of others.

What's next?

I am aware of how difficult it would be to put reconciliation into practice, but as a Christian, we don’t have any other way/option. Surely it would be good for our health and spiritual growth if we do so. The matter is up to us to follow the Word of God or deny it.

Is there someone with whom you need to make peace? Then do what God is asking you to do.


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