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A little more about us

United Evangelical Church started with a small group of believers in Hyderabad, Telangana. Then, God spoke to Rev David Jonah to start a church and make disciples as per the Lord's commission in Matthew 28:18-20. The emphasis was on the new birth, holiness of inner life, mutual love, moral purity, financial integrity and sharing God's truth with others - founding every aspect of their lives on God's word alone. Along with a group of believers, Rev Jonah gathered the funds to purchase a small piece of land to build a church for a growing congregation.

In 2016, after moving to New Zealand, God led us to start another branch in Auckland, New Zealand. Our church is burdened to share the beautiful truths that have transformed their lives with others. God made it possible to reach out through the Internet and TV media. We are actively engaged in these channels.
Our mission
It is straightforward - to reach the lost and tell them about Jesus. God has given our pastors the ministry of encouraging believers in the church to lead righteous lives, pleasing and acceptable to the Lord.
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