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Bible Meditation

[ecko_quote source="James 4:11"]Do not speak evil of one another[/ecko_quote]

Devotional Thought

While I was going towards the south of Auckland to attend one of my dear brother’s house warming ceremony. I passed a sign that warned: $100 fine for throwing litter on the highway. Soon I saw another sign that stated, Litter Barrel- 1 Kilometre. A short time later, I passed a garbage truck on its way to the disposal plant.

There are three things you can do with garbage. You can collect it, scatter it, or dispose of it. Some people are garbage collectors; they are always listening for some choice bit of gossip. If they were only collectors, it would not be so serious. But these collectors are often litterbugs and insist on scattering it all along life’s highway. Thank God, there are also those who know how to dispose of it. They put the refuse where it belongs – in the “litter barrel” of forgetfulness.

James 4:11 tells us “Do not speak evil of one another”. If we can’t say something helpful, don’t say anything. If you hear a damaging rumour, immediately put it in the “litter bag”. Then breathe a prayer for the person being talked about, as well as for the one who told you. Don’t spread gossip, (which has been a consistent problem in our Telugu fellowships-of course, other fellowships, as well) but dispose of it by silence. Gossip soon dies if it is not repeated.

Action Point

Today you will find plenty of garbage. You can collect it, scatter it, or dispose of it. Ask God to help us do what please Him and is helpful to others.

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