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[ecko_quote source=" 1 Timothy 3:2"]So, a church leader must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife. He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must be able to teach [/ecko_quote]


Paul says to Timothy that it is a faithful saying that if a man desires the position of a leader (bishop), he desires a good work, but he must be a man that is temperate, sober-minded, of good behaviour, and hospitable. He must be a man who can teach the Word of God. He must be blameless.

All of these conditions apply to us. There is no point in casting out demons, praying for the sick, performing signs and wonders, If we do not live by what we preach; the Word of God. The Lord makes it very clear that a leader should not be given to wine, is not a drunkard or a winebibber, is not greedy for money, is not quarrelsome, and is not someone who covets what their brother has. They should be humble without pride and arrogance. It is sad to see in these times some believers giving others wine bottles as a gift and a token of gesture. I could not understand the rationale and wisdom beyond these forbidden gifts. It came to my notice once, and I objected it in the light of the above verse, and they have shown me the exit door.

A leader is someone who rules their house in such a way that their children are obedient and respectful. He must be respected among those around him as a person of God. If you want God to use you in the realm of faith, in the area of signs, wonders and miracles, you first need to get your own house in order. Sadly, some leaders pay the least attention towards their children but desire to look after the congregation. Their children's lives seem to be going downhill in every aspect yet they least bother to address it. Nevertheless, they are always eager to address and whine about others children. So far, my top ten inches could not comprehend about what sort of preaching they would do and who will listen to them. My dear ones’ leadership is a serious Christian aspect, and we do not have any luxury to play around with it. Take the example of Moses who led the Israelites for forty years to the promised land, but unfortunately, he barred to enter the promised land because only once he did not follow God’s instruction.

If a child is still under his parents’ authority, his behaviour will disqualify his father from being an elder if it is openly insubordinate and publicly harmful to the man’s reputation, and so the reputation of the church and Christ. Secondly, it causes people to question whether or not the man can give oversight to the church.

All children disobey their parents. Most children can be wild and unruly at times. The point is not that an elder’s children never disobey him; the point is that the father leads his home through consistent, godly instruction, and discipline which leads to children who generally obey and submit to him.

If an elder/minister cannot even train his own children to be grounded in the truth so that they will not depart from it when they leave his household, how can he be expected to train others to be grounded and settled in the true faith? (Proverbs 22:6). Leadership is the key to the spiritual life of those in the church. They are the reason the church grows or decays!

Please remember this! First, we need to get our house in order before, we go out and tell others about our blessed Redeemer. That is when people will listen. Let’s work on our personal holiness first. Our dress code- your appearance is important to God because as His children, God wants your best in all areas of life. Our language- there is no place in the kingdom of God for a man who professes to be an ambassador for Jesus and yet uses filthy and hurtful language. Humility- preferring others to yourself; always going that extra mile for your fellow man.

What's Next?

Clearly, the offices of elder and deacon are important in the church. Ministering to God’s people in word and deed is a serious responsibility for a man to take on, and it should never be done lightly. A biblically unqualified individual should not occupy either the office of elder or deacon; the church/fellowship deserves better.



[ecko_quote source=" Hebrews 13:5"]Let your conduct be without covetousness; and be content with such things as you have: for He has said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee[/ecko_quote]


There is an old Persian fable of a hen, mouse, and a rabbit who lived together in a little house in the woods. They shared all the work and lived in harmony. The chicken found the firewood; the mouse brought the water from a nearby brook, and the rabbit cooked the meals. Each did his work faithfully and contentedly.

One day, while the hen was out in the forest looking for wood, a nosy crow approached her and asked what she was doing. When he heard, the crow began to caw, "That is not fair! You are doing the hardest part of the work! That rabbit and mouse are taking advantage of you!  The chicken continued her work, but try as she would, she could not stop thinking about what the crow said. These feelings festered and festered, and by the time she got home, she was so upset that she burst out in tears, screaming, "It is not fair! I do the hardest work of the three of us! That's it! I'm not going to gather this heavy firewood anymore!"

Discontent spreads. As you might expect, immediately, the rabbit and mouse also began to argue that they had been doing the hardest of the work and that they were not going to do their jobs anymore either. The three argued until they were tired and finally decided to switch jobs - from now on the rabbit would gather the firewood, the hen would bring the water, and the mouse would cook. As the rabbit hopped into the forest for wood, a Fox trailed him, caught him, and ate him. The chicken put the pail into the creek, but the current pulled the pail down under and the chicken with it. The mouse, while sitting on the edge of the big pot of soup, lost his balance and fell into it.

Discontentment not only destroyed their happiness but their very lives.

We all have a job to do here especially in the house of God. No job is greater than the next - no person is greater than the next, no matter what those crows might tell you. We are all working for the same King, and we can worship Him even while gathering firewood if that is what He is called us to do!

In the fellowship, God has equipped His children with talents and gifts to worship and spread the gospel. Some of them are musicians, singers, worship leaders, organisers, preachers, and teachers. Each one of these individuals needs to use their talents in their respective fields. In the secular world, we can use the term “multi-tasking” to carry out our jobs but not in the Kingdom of God. For example, God has given me a gift and grace to preach the word of God, and I must obey to my call. However, if I choose to play music instead of preaching the word of God, it would create disharmony and confusion because God has not yet given me grace in that field.

The Word of God says” Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble” (I Peter 1:10). Why so much confusion and disharmony in the Church of God? It is because believers are not sure of their call and election. Instead, they prefer to go by their own choice which is why they are stumbling. The Church leadership must identify the presence of talents and grace in believers and use it in the Church for the glory of God.

What's Next?

As sons of God, we are called to be led by the Spirit. This requires a level of dependence on God in which many of us really do not want to invest. It requires listening, waiting, and taking a step only when God's Spirit tells us to take a step ahead. Today's believers are "action" people. We know how to get things done, but our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness. Today, ask God to make you a Romans 8:14 man or woman of God who is led by the Spirit of God. Pray against lagging behind or moving ahead. Ask God to reveal whether the ministry you consider is a "good thing" or a "God-thing."



[ecko_quote source="1 Timothy 5:22"]Do not appoint people to church leadership positions too hastily.[/ecko_quote]


A few years ago, I attended one of the fellowship meetings where the leaders were discussing about adding more people to the leadership team. As the leaders started discussing this matter with the congregation, one of the leaders asked the congregation for their opinions. Taking this opportunity some have spoken and agreed to include new people into the leadership team. Since I was unsure about what they wanted to achieve through this move and wisdom beyond this proposal, I asked the leadership about what necessity they got to take up new people into the leadership team since everything was working well with the existing leadership. They did not give me an answer but defended their decision and ridiculed me for asking such a question. However, the fellowship leaders took a decision to include new members into the leadership team.

After a couple of months, the fellowship leaders started questioning each other and started political gimmicks instead of spiritual discernment to solve the problems.  The new members of the leadership team proposed that the current fellowship leaders should step down and that each leader should take turns to lead the fellowship for a couple of months on a rotation basis. However, everyone from the current leadership did not accept rotation policy and objected it strongly. The power struggle started within the leadership team causing it to split, and eventually lead to form another fellowship. This resulted in a bitter rivalry between the members of the leadership team and further the congregation also joined their hands to support their choice of leaders. Believe it or not, the congregation became a scapegoat to the wishes and ambitions of the aspirant leaders. It affected the entire community, the seeds of bitterness sowed by the leadership caused rivalry amongst the congregation. This community now hardly comes together even for any blessed programmes. I strongly believe in my heart based on the scriptures that these leaders will surely pay for their actions. God will surely ask them accounts for what they have done with the responsibilities and talents that he gave unto them (Matthew 25:25).  The congregation completely lost confidence in the leadership and living with discouragement.This community peoples' hearts are so hardened that now, they hardly come together even for funerals.

According to the Scripture, this way of living is not the pattern that God wishes. However, from the first human beings, Adam and Eve, until the last word in Revelation, people have been letting each other down throughout history. Relationships have been damaged. Leaders have failed. Before I go any further, one thing must be clear: just because the one who hurts you is a leader does not mean that leader is absolved of consequences. Some sins (abuse of all forms, moral failure, murder, and so on) require immediate dismissal from the position of authority. David sinned by taking advantage of Bathsheba and murdering her husband (2 Sam. 11). While he was repentant, his child still died as a consequence of his failure (2 Sam. 12:18-19). Sin has consequences, even for leaders.

How should we respond in our hearts towards such failings? Do you retreat, like me? Do you face it head on, refusing to be victimised again? Do you leave the church, fed up with hypocrisy? Do you cut off with the one who has hurt you? Failure of leadership is a grievous offence against God’s people. It stings, sometimes for years. It plants seeds of distrust that often grow into choking weeds that are difficult to remove. It muddies our judgment of all levels of leadership. It dulls our senses to true leadership because pain and betrayal have clouded our eyes.

With every failed leader in Scripture God was doing something powerful in the failure—he was showing his people that he alone is God. The same is true for us today. Like the Israelites before us, we are prone to worship what is in front of us (leaders) rather than the God whom our eyes cannot see. Moreover, when leaders fall or sin against us, our reaction toward their demise reveals just how much stock we put in their ability to save us.

Any discussion of leadership would be woefully incomplete if it failed to mention that we have a hope of the perfect one—Jesus. But looking to Christ, as the head of all things, including the church, is no mere platitude for weary hearts. It is the honest truth we can take to the bank when a failed leader has sucked dry the bank account of our hearts. No one faced more disappointment from leaders than Jesus (Luke 22:66-23:25). He was scorned and crucified by the political and religious leaders of his day. All for us. When all the leaders around us fail (parents, husbands, teachers, pastors, bosses, politicians, and so on) we have a leader who stands for us to the end. He died to secure us, his children, and he lives to bring us home safely.

What's Next?

In all our disappointment with those who lead us, we do not grieve their sin as people who have no hope. They are not ultimate; Christ is. They are not our saviour; Christ is. They will not fulfil us; Christ will. Leaders come and go. Christ remains the same, faithful and true to his sheep. We grieve failed leadership (and deal with it biblically). However, we find shelter from the storm of their failings in Jesus Christ, our perfect leader.


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