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"Sir, we would see Jesus"

Author: UEC Team
Date: December 5, 2016

Bible Meditation

[ecko_quote source="John 12:21"]"Sir, we would see Jesus"[/ecko_quote]

Devotional Thought

Yesterday, when I finished my sermon I noticed a gold colour plaque on the pulpit nicely fitted to the pulpit facing towards the preacher. On the plaque, the words “Sir, we would see Jesus (John 12:21)” was beautifully embossed. I shared this verse with my vibrant congregation. They were just amazed and pondered upon it. I too thought of  what could have made the person to choose this verse to place it on the pulpit in early 1960’s.

One day some Greeks came to Philip saying" Sir, we would see Jesus". And if you listen - that's what people around you are still saying today. You say, " tell them to go to Church and they will see Jesus". Maybe, maybe not. The churches are not drying up and dying out because of a lack of education and learning. It is not a lack of oratory or attractive programs. Churches and Christians are suffering because there are so much of many things, and so little of Jesus Christ in all that is said and done. Charles H. Spurgeon said that it was his aim and goal in every sermon, to take a text and follow it like a road until it led him to Christ and His cross. If that particular text did not seem to lead in that direction, he would simply jump over to another text that did. Oh, that our preaching today had this same aim and goal.

Paul expressed it well as he wrote, "For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." (The message of Cross) (I Cor. 2:2) This does not rule out the preaching of the whole Bible with all of its doctrines and precepts. Rather it is the recognition that every doctrine and precept flows from, and leads to, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a tragedy that many are preaching on geology and the ages of the rocks, when they should be talking about the Rock of Ages. What good are lessons on botany and gardens of prose, when our hearts are hungry for the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. What good are all the church kitchens and good food, when people are perishing for lack of knowledge of Him who said, "I am the bread of life."

Why should we waste time in learning about zoology, economics, political science (Donald Trump) and animal life, when we really need to know more about the Lion of the tribe of Judah and the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. Lessons on astronomy and the solar system may satisfy the carnal, but spiritually minded people will be more interested in the Bright and Morning Star. Much can be made of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, but these can never compare with the "Sun of Righteousness" who shall "arise with healing in his wings."(Mal. 4:2)

Political leaders are praised or denounced from many pulpits, but they all pale into insignificance when compared with Him who is coming as King of kings and Lord of lords. Literature with the words of men have their place, but how feeble they are when placed beside the living Word. It is not good men and the son's of men that we need to hear about, but the God-man, the Son of God.

Can sinners tell that you have been with Jesus? When Moses came down off the mount with shining face, he could not hide the fact that he had been with God. If we spend much time with the Lord, we cannot and will not want to hide the fact we have been with Jesus. Sin, selfishness, hatred, enmity, and worldliness in the life of a believer will tend to hide the Lord Jesus Christ from the view of others. Oh, that Christians would throw away their smoking and chewing tobacco, their beer, their indecent clothes, and all of the things that hinder their fellowship with God. Oh, that they would stay away from the theatres, the dance halls, and the places where they sell booze. The lack of separation from the world among the churches is one of the greatest things that is holding back revival.

Action Point

First, men need to see themselves lost and undone and on the way to an eternal hell. Before they can be saved, they need to see themselves lost. One of the greatest hindrances in winning sinners to Christ is the worldly ways of professing saints.

Second, they need to see Jesus Christ as the only remedy for sin. There is no other way to God but by Him. He is the way, and He is the door. His substitutionary death at Calvary is the ONLY answer to man's sin problem. Without Him as Saviour, all men are lost. With Him as Saviour, there is no way to be lost.

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