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Don't!...Just Don't!

Author: UEC Team
Date: September 16, 2016


[ecko_quote source="Galatians 6:7"]Do not be deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap[/ecko_quote]

[ecko_quote source="Numbers 32:23"]Be certain of this that your sin will catch up to you! [/ecko_quote]


I heard a heartbreaking and true story from our dear aunty. A God fearing solo mother went to Rajahmundry town to buy some gold and dresses for her daughter’s marriage. She completed her shopping and got on the last bus to her village which routes through a forest. As she was journeying, a passenger after another got down at their respective villages. Finally, she was left alone on the bus as her village was the last stop and the bus will stay overnight in that village and start again in the morning. While she was getting ready with her baggage, the conductor went to the bus driver and said something. The driver stopped the bus in the middle of this rather dangerous forest. Afraid and worried, she could not understand what was going on. Both driver and conductor came to her, tied her hands, covered her mouth with a piece of cloth and dragged her from the bus. They hauled her deep into the forest and threw her into an old water well. On their return to the bus, they took her gold and possessions including all the money she withdrew.

Following morning, they started their journey back to Rajahmundry with their bus full of passengers. While passing through the same place where they threw the woman into the well, the conductor advised the driver to stop at the same spot to confirm. To check whether the woman was dead in the old well. They both got down for a break at the spot and headed down towards the well. To their surprise, they found the woman still alive and moaning helplessly. She was holding onto the tree branches that grew over time in the middle of the well. Fearing that they'll get caught, the driver and conductor looked around the well and found a heavy rock. They both lifted it aiming to throw into the well in an attempt to kill her. As they lifted that piece of stone, there were two big cobra snakes under it which bite them both. They were instantly dead. After waiting for a while in the middle of nowhere, the passengers went looking for the crew. They came to this old well surprised to find two lifeless bodies. They also heard the moaning of a woman. The passengers rescued her and heard her story.

The woman gave her testimony about how the Lord saved her from snakes and scorpions throughout the night while she was just hanging on to those tree branches. She testified that all through the night snakes crawled all over her body but did not bite her. The Lord protected her and safeguarded her against all the snares. The moral of the story is whatever we sow, surely we will reap. Further, our sins will find us. The crew of the bus got their wages within no time. Don’t be surprised if your wages are not coming forth but surely it will come along with interest. Sin is never worthwhile and not to be played around with. Be sure, your sin will find you out! Moses first preached this warning, but Solomon repeated it in Proverbs 13:6. You cannot get away with sin. It will catch up to you and destroy you. Sinners are going down for sure. They cannot succeed. They will suffer. They think they are alright, but they are heading towards death (Proverbs 14:12; 16:25). You'll never know what hit you.

Joseph and David were both tempted by adultery. Joseph chose righteousness, so the Lord exalted him in Egypt. However, David chose wickedness, so the Lord raised up enemies against him (II Sam 12:10-11). He married Bathsheba and had Solomon, but God chastened him for the rest of his life. You will reap what you sow (Pr 15:9; Ps 34:12-16).

What's next?

Dear ones, you will go on to make choices after you finish this reading. Will you choose righteousness or wickedness? Are you compromising anywhere in your life? Do you enjoy the world or the things in it? Your future is dark without hope if you choose wickedness. Be sure, your sin will find you out. Your future is bright and glorious if you choose righteousness - Let God be true to you in your life.

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