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I wish things were a little different...

Author: UEC Team
Date: July 26, 2016


[ecko_quote source="2 Corinthians 5:7"]We walk by faith, not by appearance.[/ecko_quote]


By faith, not by appearance; God never wants us to look at our feelings. Self may want us to; Satan may want us to; But God does not. However, God wants us to face the facts, not our feelings. What facts might you ask? The facts of Christ - His finished work on Calvary and His continuing perfect work in us.

When we face these precious facts, and believe in them because God says they are facts, God will take care of our feelings. God never relies on or gives us our feelings in order for us to trust Him. God never gives us feelings to encourage us to trust in Him more. Neither does He do it to show us that we ought to trust Him. It's very much like His presence. We cannot feel His presence; We can only know it (Exodus 33:15).

However, God does give us assurance when He sees that we trust Him irrespective of how we're feeling. When we're resting on His WORD, on His faithfulness, on His promises. God will give us the assurance to such a measure that it's almost similar to the peace He promises in His word - Peace that surpasses our understanding. That's the best way I could put it. His love sees us through the best and worst best of time, and He cares for us individually. Oh, what a loving God we serve?

What's next?

We must choose between relying on our feelings or relying on God’s facts. Our feelings may be as uncertain and change as the sea or the shifting sands. God’s facts are as certain as the Rock of Ages, even Christ Himself, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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